A call for #collectivenouns illustrations

Open submission for artists and illustrators: we are looking for original artwork using subjects from the All-Sorts.org index to include in an exhibition at the Owl & Lion Gallery this June. The exhibition will coincide with the West Port Book Festival:

The best submissions will feature in a limited edition artists’ book and also in an exhibition that will run from 11th-27th June 2010 at the Owl & Lion Gallery, Edinburgh. The exhibition will coincide with the third West Port Book Festival, and will be a featured event in the book festival’s beautifully designed programme.

Artist Book

Selected entries will feature in an original screen-printed artists book, with a print run of 100. Additionally, 10 posters shall be created and sold through the Owl & Lion Gallery for £30 each. The artist shall receive 50% of the profit on any prints sold. Featured artists can expect to receive copies of the books and posters, screen printed by Isabelle Ting.

Isabelle requests that you follow these guidelines:

Two colour illustrations with separation of each colour. No pure B&W please - we need to be consistent.

Each collective noun may only feature once. So if several people choose to illustrate a wunch of bankers, then only one of them will be included. You can choose any of the collective nouns in the All-Sorts.org index. The popular pages are a good place to browse. Choose wisely.

The deadline for submissions is 30th April at 5pm (GMT), and the exhibition will be launched at the Owl & Lion Gallery on 11th June. Further details are available from the West Port Book Festival website.

To register your interest, email wpbf@owlandliongallery.com. This is a great opportunity to have your work featured in a highly collectable format.

Owl and Lion gallery

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