@collectivenouns is not a bot!

It is fair to say that @collectivenouns pursues its agenda single-mindedly, to the extent that some twitterers have mistaken the account for a ‘bot. But robot we are not. From time to time, we like to assert this, as the following conversation demonstrates.

helenjbeal: Jesus. Am now being followed by a geen bot. Add that to the knitting, tea and collective noun bots.

collectivenouns: all badges of distinction, please be assured [There's a knitting bot!?]

helenjbeal: Collective Noun bot I would like to introduce you to Kintting bot and vice versa

collectivenouns: how kind of you to introduce us. Although we take exception to being called a bot. We are 100% human on this Twitter account.

helenjbeal: I would like to formally apologise for calling collectivenouns a bot and furthermore confirm their entirely human nature.

helenjbeal: Hahaha RT @Mr Roboto RT RT @helenjbeal I would like to formally appologise for...

collectivenouns: Best not mention the Robot bot, lest it trigger his demise by recursion. [We are talking about @Mr_Roboto the robot bot, yes?]

helenjbeal: That @Mr_Roboto robot bot yes...

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