1. an army of followers seeded by Supnotsoup #3 votes Like

    1. Supnotsoup
    2. sam_sutcliffe5
    3. purdysutcliffe
  2. an army of octopuses seeded by ilera3D #2 votes Like

    1. ilera3D
    2. Villavelius
  3. an army of puppeteers seeded by ConorLambert #2 votes Like

    1. ConorLambert
    2. Conor_H
  4. an army of daffodils seeded by mulholland_e #2 votes Like

    1. mulholland_e
    2. JAPittuckWilson
  5. an army of darkness seeded by boybacon Like

  6. an army of piss ants seeded by daGOPhater Like

  7. an army of yard gnomes seeded by JeremyCShipp Like

  8. an army of solders seeded by ViVEK_KURiYAL Like

  9. an army of mosquitoes seeded by ritzk15 Like

  10. an army of ants seeded by quidebo Like

  11. an army of frogs seeded by ash_bestos Like

  12. an army of limbs seeded by natasha_garner Like

  13. an army of caterpillars seeded by Planet_Irony Like

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