1. a babble of press conferences seeded by kev_martin #4 votes Like

    1. kev_martin
    2. latikambourke
    3. Scratchings
    4. swelfy
  2. a babble of protocol droids seeded by SarlaccBeast Like

  3. a babble of translators seeded by Sylvia_Peters Like

  4. a babble of actors seeded by littlerachyb Like

  5. a babble of psychos seeded by Melanie_Cooper Like

  6. a babble of idiots seeded by thejaydog Like

  7. a babble of presidential candidates seeded by leahshea Like

  8. a babble of guys named lon seeded by LarryHolloman Like

  9. a babble of linguists seeded by kushkatakia Like

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