1. a bastard of spiders seeded by ianashworth #2 votes Like

    1. ianashworth
    2. yellowpinkie3
  2. a bastard of mosquitoes seeded by SeasideGeek #2 votes Like

    1. SeasideGeek
    2. quentinwembley
  3. a bastard of conservatives seeded by Thefirstcut #2 votes Like

    1. Thefirstcut
    2. kinderbomf
  4. a bastard of bailiffs seeded by cloud64 Like

  5. a bastard of lawyers seeded by tanepiper Like

  6. a bastard of bosses seeded by Scumboni Like

  7. a bastard of mondays seeded by ishmaellasting Like

  8. a bastard of scotsmen seeded by bshillito Like

  9. a bastard of over-running engineering works seeded by MarkieBignell Like

  10. a bastard of politicians seeded by vpj4242 Like

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