1. a bieber of trends seeded by ashvala #4 votes Like

    1. ashvala
    2. TheHumerus
    3. nikes225
    4. willgetback
  2. a bieber of people who fucked twitter up seeded by techrsr #4 votes Like

    1. techrsr
    2. tam007
    3. venkatasudhan
    4. ultrawhiz
  3. a bieber of lesbians seeded by LC_Sun #3 votes Like

    1. LC_Sun
    2. BinaBecker
    3. 1ElephantsChild
  4. a bieber of ladyboys seeded by twistedtulip #3 votes Like

    1. twistedtulip
    2. parnell44
    3. maliceous
  5. a bieber of an annoyance seeded by varunshridhar Like

  6. a bieber of justins seeded by YaavanoObba Like

  7. a bieber of unbroken voices seeded by iNaturelle Like

  8. a bieber of brainiacs seeded by Melanie_Cooper Like

  9. a bieber of bad music seeded by foureyedfish Like

  10. a bieber of homosexuals seeded by JoHop Like

  11. a bieber of tweens seeded by marontheweb Like

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