1. a cluster of fucks seeded by YeahItsKristen #5 votes Like

    1. YeahItsKristen
    2. daev
    3. motownmutt
    4. JadethBaby
    5. we135b
  2. a cluster of astronomers seeded by read_rhyme_run #2 votes Like

    1. read_rhyme_run
    2. avalot
  3. a cluster of geeks seeded by pmingram #2 votes Like

    1. pmingram
    2. benelwell
  4. a cluster of fuck seeded by br1Pod Like

  5. a cluster of f••• seeded by dloehr Like

  6. a cluster of pucks seeded by absopletely Like

  7. a cluster of suicide bombers seeded by grahamtcousins Like

  8. a cluster of douchebags seeded by Greyz10 Like

  9. a cluster of harlots seeded by TheBlackHermit Like

  10. a cluster of programmers seeded by zobi1kenobi Like

  11. a cluster of f seeded by TenaciousTory Like

  12. a cluster of antelopes seeded by GameSpotters Like

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