1. a collective of nouns seeded by GaryDelaney #20 votes Like

    1. GaryDelaney
    2. Robheeney
    3. dloehr
    4. caco44
    5. betsylavolette
    6. Boolbar
    7. JimFraeErskine
    8. manishkrishnan
    9. designfiction
    10. YouGotSlade
    11. madscotswumin
    12. tomhuskinson
    13. guided1
    14. rohanbassett
    15. JOD45
    16. JohnEdginton
    17. Kropotkin_alias
    18. jcrush84
    19. Dr_Dmo
    20. alfpang
  2. a collective of distracting tweets seeded by rbullimore Like

  3. a collective of linux users seeded by mittfh Like

  4. a collective of liberals seeded by rodan32 Like

  5. a collective of nuns seeded by victorvic Like

  6. a collective of collective nouns seeded by thewordisberry Like

  7. a collective of boris bikes tweeps seeded by nicktuckwood Like

  8. a collective of cyborgs seeded by j_macfarlane Like

  9. a collective of artynouns seeded by Bloghut Like

  10. a collective of tax agents seeded by ksoileau Like

  11. a collective of crackpots seeded by PirateWench Like

  12. a collective of soviet workers seeded by infinitebuffalo Like

  13. a collective of philatelists seeded by walkcork Like

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