1. a collision of physicists seeded by johncarneyau #3 votes Like

    1. johncarneyau
    2. catballoon
    3. carolmjones
  2. a collision of particle physicists seeded by DougieLawson #2 votes Like

    1. DougieLawson
    2. avalot
  3. a collision of pronouns seeded by JimFraeErskine #2 votes Like

    1. JimFraeErskine
    2. PedroStephano
  4. a collision of collective nouns seeded by ashnod #2 votes Like

    1. ashnod
    2. bipolarlioness
  5. a collision of fail seeded by Kevindoylejones Like

  6. a collision of meetings seeded by MrsSarahSiddons Like

  7. a collision of higgs bosons seeded by distantcities Like

  8. a collision of sumo wrestlers seeded by mypetshadow Like

  9. a collision of couriers seeded by MaryWho4810 Like

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