1. a cunt of buses seeded by Blogstrop #8 votes Like

    1. Blogstrop
    2. FauxPink
    3. DraeneiGirl
    4. ZaraLouU
    5. SplashMan
    6. AlegnaNerak
    7. JeremyDLeigh
    8. Greg_Dillon
  2. a cunt of mps seeded by Tent101 #6 votes Like

    1. Tent101
    2. TorySwing
    3. MockTheLeft
    4. TeuchterLoon
    5. fromtoots
    6. Dannyswingright
  3. a cunt of tories seeded by crazycolours #5 votes Like

    1. crazycolours
    2. josephbegley
    3. Jook
    4. hatgooch
    5. semanticist
  4. a cunt of politicians seeded by NeoplasmSix #3 votes Like

    1. NeoplasmSix
    2. triplecherry
    3. ExisleMoll
  5. a cunt of yorkshire people seeded by paulinecjones #3 votes Like

    1. paulinecjones
    2. Melonhead999
    3. pig_in_a_wig
  6. a cunt of parking inspectors seeded by Tobler1one #3 votes Like

    1. Tobler1one
    2. timmccauley
    3. I_am_The_Dave
  7. a cunt of littlejohns seeded by dukemedia_uk #2 votes Like

    1. dukemedia_uk
    2. ThatPhotoBloke
  8. a cunt of apprentices seeded by Robheeney Like

  9. a cunt of traffic wardens seeded by 5tubby Like

  10. a cunt of parking wardens seeded by Stu_dio_design Like

  11. a cunt of cabbies seeded by metallicab Like

  12. a cunt of stand up comics seeded by MerylORourke Like

  13. a cunt of gypsies seeded by RBFesquire Like

  14. a cunt of celebrities seeded by Realsoz Like

  15. a cunt of christians seeded by motorizor Like

  16. a cunt of bitches seeded by Betch_Angel_ Like

  17. a cunt of a middle-east peace envoys seeded by RealPengy Like

  18. a cunt of councillors seeded by Rolo_Tamasi Like

  19. a cunt of man ure fans seeded by Leon_Backwards Like

  20. a cunt of kardashians seeded by GoTimAnderson Like

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