1. a delusion of young earth creationists seeded by GodlessAtheist #3 votes Like

    1. GodlessAtheist
    2. Yemayasverse
    3. yuidaoren
  2. a delusion of x-factor auditionees seeded by JulianRWPower #3 votes Like

    1. JulianRWPower
    2. Traddski
    3. 1ElephantsChild
  3. a delusion of psychiatrists seeded by mattgumbley #2 votes Like

    1. mattgumbley
    2. ianhoylejackson
  4. a delusion of housemates seeded by colinmcg71 #2 votes Like

    1. colinmcg71
    2. kattabos
  5. a delusion of believers seeded by iainh #2 votes Like

    1. iainh
    2. woobasher
  6. a delusion of zealots seeded by SmokeAndPeat #2 votes Like

    1. SmokeAndPeat
    2. parnell44
  7. a delusion of judges seeded by philkirby Like

  8. a delusion of theists seeded by sneeu Like

  9. a delusion of england football supporters seeded by johnchess Like

  10. a delusion of labour mps seeded by Phillip_Wood Like

  11. a delusion of directors seeded by bestqualitycrab Like

  12. a delusion of kopites seeded by blue_wooster Like

  13. a delusion of christians seeded by hebdensnapper Like

  14. a delusion of liverpool fans seeded by cjwatterson Like

  15. a delusion of star wars prequels fans seeded by SopranoRhythm Like

  16. a delusion of faithheads seeded by mysickbones Like

  17. a delusion of creationists seeded by PixieChixie36 Like

  18. a delusion of social media managers seeded by creativemercury Like

  19. a delusion of talent show contestants seeded by mcofthatboy Like

  20. a delusion of spurs fans seeded by ViewFromBlock93 Like

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