1. an entitlement of looters seeded by 21stCscribe #7 votes Like

    1. 21stCscribe
    2. mypetshadow
    3. Feisty_Onion
    4. ducksandchucks
    5. hesspartacus
    6. LoweWriter
    7. RenzoBanksII
  2. an entitlement of americans seeded by jon_e_7 #2 votes Like

    1. jon_e_7
    2. Polisurgist
  3. an entitlement of bankers seeded by carolineholding #2 votes Like

    1. carolineholding
    2. kitty_kelliher
  4. an entitlement of aristocrats seeded by Ralphwjbrown Like

  5. an entitlement of tories seeded by StanCarey Like

  6. an entitlement of trophies seeded by scoobyscarlet Like

  7. an entitlement of libertarians seeded by northbriton45 Like

  8. an entitlement of strollers seeded by platformfour Like

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