1. a failure of magikarp seeded by playingodward #2 votes Like

    1. playingodward
    2. NationalStella
  2. a failure of noobs seeded by Scylvendi Like

  3. a failure of financiers seeded by MrsSarahSiddons Like

  4. a failure of microsoft employees seeded by Henry_Fuseli Like

  5. a failure of social media coaches seeded by Mose Like

  6. a failure of underachievers seeded by furybyname Like

  7. a failure of andrew ridgeleys seeded by NitramNella Like

  8. a failure of engineer seeded by Nin_Ja_ Like

  9. a failure of austerity measures seeded by Curly30646719 Like

  10. a failure of football players seeded by gplondon Like

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