1. an hypocrisy of peers seeded by RealPengy #3 votes Like

    1. RealPengy
    2. meganne121
    3. Fat_Jacques
  2. an hypocrisy of politicians seeded by markarayner #2 votes Like

    1. markarayner
    2. slainemcslaine
  3. a hypocrisy of bigots seeded by tinysuz #2 votes Like

    1. tinysuz
    2. redhatman
  4. an hypocrisy of moral guardians seeded by P_T_RYAN #2 votes Like

    1. P_T_RYAN
    2. MightyChewbacca
  5. a hypocrisy of judges seeded by JulieRussell Like

  6. an hypocrisy of socialists seeded by rogthornhill Like

  7. a hypocrisy of cabinet ministers seeded by IainMonty Like

  8. a hypocrisy of preachers seeded by bfudim Like

  9. a hypocrisy of compassionate conservatives seeded by LC_Sun Like

  10. a hypocrisy of gop politicians seeded by GreenEyedLilo Like

  11. a hypocrisy of mps seeded by matt_naughahyde Like

  12. a hypocrisy of tax dodgers seeded by Jonny_The_Fist Like

  13. a hypocrisy of republicans seeded by oinonio Like

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