1. an irony of hipsters seeded by shellethkin #11 votes Like

    1. shellethkin
    2. maxisnow
    3. SteveSparshott
    4. PaintsNature
    5. oneguyinmelb
    6. aimmyarrowshigh
    7. platformfour
    8. OneGuyInMelb
    9. sjixxxy
    10. murrayjame5
    11. DaddyPerry
  2. an irony of unicorns seeded by lozarithm Like

  3. an irony of post-modernists seeded by ArchdruidEileen Like

  4. an irony of armageddons seeded by carter_andrewj Like

  5. an irony of daily mail readers seeded by FBHousecat Like

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