1. a knot of string theorists seeded by may_68 #11 votes Like

    1. may_68
    2. nelstrom
    3. rmacsweeney
    4. bravonovember
    5. caco44
    6. mimilovescats
    7. WalrusofComms
    8. RiddlerMusic
    9. brightbytede
    10. KentishFella
    11. elcoyote
  2. a knot of toads seeded by sroc #4 votes Like

    1. sroc
    2. richardmiller
    3. victoriashmoria
    4. PaperCutPrint
  3. a knot of bondage-freaks seeded by AmericanDamsels #3 votes Like

    1. AmericanDamsels
    2. LoreleiMission
    3. scruffian_peej
  4. a knot of crocheters seeded by futuregirlcraft #2 votes Like

    1. futuregirlcraft
    2. heatherlybadov
  5. a knot of knitters seeded by AGirlofGlass Like

  6. a knot of gordons seeded by JimFraeErskine Like

  7. a knot of sphincters seeded by k9leavings Like

  8. a knot of tapeworms seeded by j4yx0r Like

  9. a knot of mathematicians seeded by zentree Like

  10. a knot of semen seeded by derestrict Like

  11. a knot of hair seeded by Creeeture Like

  12. a knot of lovers seeded by derestrict Like

  13. a knot of contortionists seeded by gilfer Like

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