1. a lie of politicians seeded by mittfh #11 votes Like

    1. mittfh
    2. MarmadukeMae
    3. _anross_
    4. TABItarot
    5. Cadrieu
    6. Feisty_Onion
    7. LivSilver
    8. TuppyenFrance
    9. parnell44
    10. mr_oco
    11. Lynsm7
  2. a lie of tabloid journalists seeded by bikethanet #2 votes Like

    1. bikethanet
    2. oxfordbloo
  3. a lie of cakes seeded by Numbuh7 #2 votes Like

    1. Numbuh7
    2. ptoothfish
  4. a lie of lawyers seeded by tomtt Like

  5. a lie of public relations people seeded by BiteTheDust Like

  6. a lie of pr people seeded by julie_posetti Like

  7. a lie of marketing drones seeded by semanticist Like

  8. a lie of policitians seeded by AislingWeaver Like

  9. a lie of cabinet ministers seeded by Kropotkin_alias Like

  10. a lie of foxnewscasters seeded by oinonio Like

  11. a lie of republicans seeded by LeftsideAnnie Like

  12. a lie of presidents seeded by AngelsofSky Like

  13. a lie of climatologists seeded by WDallasBrooks Like

  14. a lie of blueshirts seeded by thomasjstamp Like

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