1. a litter of bitches seeded by bipolarlioness #2 votes Like

    1. bipolarlioness
    2. LynneKelly
  2. a litter of tramps seeded by boybacon Like

  3. a litter of pigeons seeded by egadfly Like

  4. a litter of crumpled up paper balls seeded by JeremyCShipp Like

  5. a litter of humans seeded by Scatterbeams Like

  6. a litter of animal crackers seeded by fchristiny Like

  7. a litter of baby waste-baskets seeded by tattyheaded Like

  8. a litter of workshy seeded by davewat1 Like

  9. a litter of garbagemen seeded by owlparliament Like

  10. a litter of crap seeded by ChaosKrem Like

  11. a litter of pups seeded by Planet_Irony Like

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