1. a malema of idiots seeded by Sentletse #6 votes Like

    1. Sentletse
    2. PhumlakaNgwenya
    3. MaddGOAT
    4. KagisoGill
    5. Busi31
    6. GetrudeM
  2. a malema of social media experts seeded by shapshak #4 votes Like

    1. shapshak
    2. TheJoLurie
    3. FionaSnyckers
    4. kojobaffoe
  3. a malema of fake twitter accounts seeded by tumsaso #3 votes Like

    1. tumsaso
    2. Mosam
    3. LittleMsHelpful
  4. a malema of tenders seeded by misszan #2 votes Like

    1. misszan
    2. jbenkie
  5. a malema of morons seeded by HussainD1 #2 votes Like

    1. HussainD1
    2. hasina_za
  6. a malema of woodwork errors seeded by guided1 #2 votes Like

    1. guided1
    2. nieldlr
  7. a malema of ignorance seeded by DameLesego #2 votes Like

    1. DameLesego
    2. Nwablz
  8. a malema of agents seeded by taraturk1 Like

  9. a malema of illegal tenders seeded by royblumenthal Like

  10. a malema of woodwork students seeded by FanaPBuffalo Like

  11. a malema of bbc reporters seeded by Busi31 Like

  12. a malema of wankers seeded by Wenanawe Like

  13. a malema of tenderpreneurs seeded by shapshak Like

  14. a malema of activists seeded by jeminetolu Like

  15. a malema of louis vuitton bags seeded by TheRealMalema Like

  16. a malema of kakpraat seeded by MichelleBeale Like

  17. a malema of bridges seeded by tshirtterrorist Like

  18. a malema of mistakes seeded by za5 Like

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