1. an outrage of daily mail readers seeded by EbowGB #3 votes Like

    1. EbowGB
    2. freddywaller51
    3. Leah_Cross
  2. an outrage of tweeters seeded by curlydena #2 votes Like

    1. curlydena
    2. Kevind04
  3. an outrage of columnists seeded by zevans23 Like

  4. an outrage of bloggers seeded by EuropeanCitizen Like

  5. an outrage of letters to the editor writers seeded by watermelon_man Like

  6. an outrage of tabloid newspapers seeded by ArchdruidEileen Like

  7. an outrage of drag queens seeded by lovely_cox Like

  8. an outrage of reactionaries seeded by BadWriter Like

  9. an outrage of muslims seeded by mysickbones Like

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