1. a palin of ignoramuses seeded by MJOffen #3 votes Like

    1. MJOffen
    2. madscotswumin
    3. sydsouthworth
  2. a palin of cluelessness seeded by bobginpgh Like

  3. a palin of retards seeded by rogerlevy Like

  4. a palin of idiots seeded by kama90 Like

  5. a palin of absurd neologisms seeded by techrsr Like

  6. a palin of mama bears seeded by bfudim Like

  7. a palin of grizzlies seeded by bfudim Like

  8. a palin of snark seeded by sylviaahern Like

  9. a palin of fence sitters seeded by LC_Sun Like

  10. a palin of quitters seeded by doitinprivate Like

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