1. a plague of paparazzi seeded by tammikibler #3 votes Like

    1. tammikibler
    2. CNNLADavid
    3. taradublinrocks
  2. a plague of zombies seeded by BlackHoleMovies #3 votes Like

    1. BlackHoleMovies
    2. CigaretteBurns_
    3. Louiestowell
  3. a plague of homophobes seeded by girlsarestrong #2 votes Like

    1. girlsarestrong
    2. MisplacedBoy
  4. a plague of christians seeded by leahshea #2 votes Like

    1. leahshea
    2. W6KNJ
  5. a plague of creationists seeded by rbullimore Like

  6. a plague of religious fundamentalists seeded by cloud64 Like

  7. a plague of pigeons seeded by dekkard42 Like

  8. a plague of eyes seeded by horrordwarf Like

  9. a plague of twitter spammers seeded by Anke Like

  10. a plague of testers seeded by GlennHalstead Like

  11. a plague of politicians seeded by jfnord Like

  12. a plague of humans seeded by LuddLite Like

  13. a plague of accountants seeded by KeithM Like

  14. a plague of plagues seeded by murrayjame5 Like

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