1. a pretension of conceptual artists seeded by dukemedia_uk #6 votes Like

    1. dukemedia_uk
    2. Feisty_Onion
    3. madscotswumin
    4. Mijeroh
    5. Evi_Zahne
    6. RenzoBanksII
  2. a pretension of hipsters seeded by felixmeister #4 votes Like

    1. felixmeister
    2. Megapope
    3. cuddlyangryjew
    4. dexterous
  3. a pretension of art students seeded by alexquick #2 votes Like

    1. alexquick
    2. timothymeaney
  4. a pretension of art critics seeded by Feisty_Onion #2 votes Like

    1. Feisty_Onion
    2. LonniCuriosity
  5. a pretension of artistés seeded by UnderOakStudios Like

  6. a pretension of debutantes seeded by LaraDunn Like

  7. a pretension of undergraduates seeded by bshillito Like

  8. a pretension of graphic artists seeded by gNotapipe Like

  9. a pretension of brightonians seeded by artistsmakers Like

  10. a pretension of olive trees seeded by Tikorangi Like

  11. a pretension of actors seeded by sturadernie Like

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