1. a ring of mathematicians seeded by betsylavolette #3 votes Like

    1. betsylavolette
    2. Serabe
    3. hgkelley
  2. a ring of telephonists seeded by walkcork #3 votes Like

    1. walkcork
    2. Curly30646719
    3. IrelandUncut
  3. a ring of telephones seeded by madscotswumin #2 votes Like

    1. madscotswumin
    2. tammikibler
  4. a ring of jewelers seeded by mypetshadow #2 votes Like

    1. mypetshadow
    2. Curly30646719
  5. a ring of roundels seeded by YellowtailFP Like

  6. a ring of cygnets seeded by sciamannata Like

  7. a ring of fairies seeded by LuddLite Like

  8. a ring of netcyclists seeded by turbofunctor Like

  9. a ring of arseholes seeded by nicooohlaalaa Like

  10. a ring of bums seeded by gullstory Like

  11. a ring of catholic priests' seeded by WillStLeger Like

  12. a ring of raccoons seeded by jorginho_94 Like

  13. a ring of hobbits seeded by DrMaldoror Like

  14. a ring of confidantes seeded by Stevietosh Like

  15. a ring of algebraists seeded by ZackSiezmagraff Like

  16. a ring of lords seeded by ChaddEsq Like

  17. a ring of boxers seeded by walkcork Like

  18. a ring of bells seeded by shefcrispie Like

  19. a ring of paedophiles seeded by albiondumsday Like

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