1. a shuffle of zombies seeded by TheDarkEngine #7 votes Like

    1. TheDarkEngine
    2. wpbookfestival
    3. michaeljritchie
    4. storyimp
    5. intuitivebridge
    6. Rardeenus
    7. heideland
  2. a shuffle of old people seeded by Horatio_Bridge #5 votes Like

    1. Horatio_Bridge
    2. LCG326
    3. LuddLite
    4. christinataylor
    5. Lynndy_Lou
  3. a shuffle of bureaucrats seeded by PSAsecretary #2 votes Like

    1. PSAsecretary
    2. cuddlyangryjew
  4. a shuffle of journalists seeded by KerryPintado Like

  5. a shuffle of bustles seeded by ByLeavesWeLive Like

  6. a shuffle of ugg boots seeded by 45YOstudent Like

  7. a shuffle of pensioners seeded by craiggillies Like

  8. a shuffle of uggs seeded by RubyDeuce Like

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