1. a sneer of critics seeded by poacherpaul #13 votes Like

    1. poacherpaul
    2. nelstrom
    3. thinkmeup
    4. gNotapipe
    5. circadianwolf
    6. jyloo
    7. fuzzyjay
    8. jtboofle
    9. lars512
    10. polnoon
    11. KentishFella
    12. ambrouk
    13. poacherpaul
  2. a sneer of today presenters seeded by BaldyMemike #2 votes Like

    1. BaldyMemike
    2. BertSwattermain
  3. a sneer of teenagers seeded by ArchdruidEileen Like

  4. a sneer of snobs seeded by teagy63 Like

  5. a sneer of conservatives seeded by maxturner Like

  6. a sneer of hipsters seeded by aredridel Like

  7. a sneer of butlers seeded by InkyPageturner Like

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