1. a twitter of twats seeded by remittancegirl #6 votes Like

    1. remittancegirl
    2. PerfectSnack
    3. VenusDemoted
    4. 45YOstudent
    5. cyberdonkey
    6. MiddleClassHB
  2. a twitter of sachin worshippers seeded by notytony #5 votes Like

    1. notytony
    2. neelannair
    3. ShwetaKapur
    4. techrsr
    5. sourank
  3. a twitter of tweets seeded by Mary_Hutchison #3 votes Like

    1. Mary_Hutchison
    2. _J_N_
    3. BigCodsy
  4. a twitter of jobless people seeded by wlsuch #3 votes Like

    1. wlsuch
    2. vaibhavAg
    3. sukritvijayakar
  5. a twitter of time wasters seeded by thinkmeup #2 votes Like

    1. thinkmeup
    2. Annemazer
  6. a twitter of procrastinators seeded by yellowstring #2 votes Like

    1. yellowstring
    2. pepenewton
  7. a twitter of sarcasm seeded by theneverknown #2 votes Like

    1. theneverknown
    2. JimFraeErskine
  8. a twitter of celebs seeded by leprincz #2 votes Like

    1. leprincz
    2. amolmathur
  9. a twitter of fake malema's seeded by DonoWhite #2 votes Like

    1. DonoWhite
    2. INKIEY
  10. a twitter of procrastinating people seeded by yellowstring Like

  11. a twitter of collective nouns seeded by Scylvendi Like

  12. a twitter of social networkers seeded by Tittch Like

  13. a twitter of girls seeded by JustinFedewa Like

  14. a twitter of characters seeded by katehorgan Like

  15. a twitter of vellas seeded by chawlapuneet Like

  16. a twitter of idiots seeded by riffraaf Like

  17. a twitter of hashtags seeded by mathangi_raghu Like

  18. a twitter of underemployed office workers seeded by ecstaticsid Like

  19. a twitter of social capitalists seeded by bollyglot Like

  20. a twitter of failwhales seeded by royblumenthal Like

  21. a twitter of random thoughts seeded by Busi31 Like

  22. a twitter of tweeters seeded by littleMai Like

  23. a twitter of social media managers seeded by AlexinaRose Like

  24. a twitter of hipsters seeded by sjlakes Like

  25. a twitter of comedians seeded by CosISqueek Like

  26. a twitter of wannabee journalists seeded by MaryTCon Like

  27. a twitter of cunts seeded by FixitpcKeith Like

  28. a twitter of trolls seeded by Ebenwolfe Like

  29. a twitter of birds seeded by LiefieWasHere Like

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