1. a vacuum of idiots seeded by causticbob #2 votes Like

    1. causticbob
    2. battybenji
  2. a vacuum of chupacabras seeded by skippy_2 #2 votes Like

    1. skippy_2
    2. BarelyKnit
  3. a vacuum of social media experts seeded by kittenypentland #2 votes Like

    1. kittenypentland
    2. 1littlebird
  4. a vacuum of bimbos seeded by _anross_ Like

  5. a vacuum of airheads seeded by KentishFella Like

  6. a vacuum of psychologists seeded by OnewordTF Like

  7. a vacuum of voicemails seeded by ashnod Like

  8. a vacuum of lefties seeded by PompeyGoat Like

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