1. a wave of failures seeded by rameshsrivats #6 votes Like

    1. rameshsrivats
    2. notytony
    3. mokkai_mak
    4. neerajsane
    5. madversity
    6. syam
  2. a wave of radiologists seeded by oinonio #4 votes Like

    1. oinonio
    2. TrundleDub
    3. count_01
    4. georgeclews
  3. a wave of particles seeded by JimFraeErskine #3 votes Like

    1. JimFraeErskine
    2. carolmjones
    3. JolaRossa
  4. a wave of geeks seeded by darkdirk Like

  5. a wave of physicists seeded by fchristiny Like

  6. a wave of mexicans seeded by anaxcrosswords Like

  7. a wave of caped crusaders seeded by hgkelley Like

  8. a wave of space-invaders seeded by jessebergen Like

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