1. a wunch of bankers seeded by may_68 #153 votes Like

  2. a seemingly empty room of ninjas seeded by Drhaggis #55 votes Like

  3. a murder of crows seeded by kate_wooding #49 votes Like

  4. a fixie of hipsters seeded by nerdsavant #40 votes Like

  5. a freedom of atheists seeded by crispysea #40 votes Like

  6. a smug of mac users seeded by MrAlanCooper #28 votes Like

  7. a deutschbag of nazis seeded by notytony #26 votes Like

  8. an exaltation of larks seeded by kkcthornton #24 votes Like

  9. a torrent of pirates seeded by skenttaylor #23 votes Like

  10. a parliament of owls seeded by Dantidote #23 votes Like

  11. a brace of orthodontists seeded by olliepie #23 votes Like

  12. a _____ of mime artists seeded by MitchBenn #21 votes Like

  13. a business of ferrets seeded by simmertilldone #21 votes Like

  14. a thropple of noggin's seeded by elcoyote #21 votes Like

  15. a fistful of wankers seeded by Trudski2012 #21 votes Like

  16. a collective of nouns seeded by GaryDelaney #20 votes Like

  17. a tuple of geeks seeded by colinhowe #19 votes Like

  18. a heard of homonyms seeded by AndyStantonTM #19 votes Like

  19. an array of geeks seeded by slashtommy #18 votes Like

  20. a block of writers seeded by JustinFedewa #18 votes Like

  21. a denial of labour mps seeded by sarabedford #16 votes Like

  22. a winter of discount tents seeded by shefcrispie #16 votes Like

  23. an unkindness of ravens seeded by kate_wooding #15 votes Like

  24. a corruption of politicians seeded by gNotapipe #15 votes Like

  25. an angst of teenagers seeded by comradecarnegie #15 votes Like


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